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We publish live news about Nigeria as they are happening right now.

We aggregate and distribute through this medium and others the reporting of major media organizations about Nigeria latest news today. We aim to collate and reflect a balanced diversity of reporting, commentary, and analysis from regular folks and from as many as possible of the influential media in our country of concern; Nigeria. We also include original reporting and label all others with their original source.

What Makes Us Different?

We are “crowd-sourced”. Although we are highly censured by our editors as any serious newsroom should, we allow anyone to submit a link to quality and relevant news that should concern Nigerians in Nigeria and all over the world. Our editors are highly mobile and submitted links takes a few minutes to post. One important step in social change is to not fold your arms. You must not be quiet. Do something. Raise your voice. Share news that are important to you across social networks.

Our Simplified Disclaimer:

We neither edits nor assumes responsibility for stories provided and aggregated from media organizations; which retain copyright of their materials. All rights reserved by their respective owners. Contact the copyright holder directly for corrections or for permission to republish or for other authorized use of all materials.

Reason for Broken English:

The language na one kind unity language for Nigerians and you go see say we put am all over the site to remind everybody say, this site na  our own. One thing I respect for our people na the ability to wan help each other. If you read something way fit benefit others, share am from our page.